Gay Rights In Colombia – A Sad State of Affairs!

gay-rights-in-colombiaIf you you are gay and live in a country like The United States or Canada, then you have it easy.

When my Colombian girlfriend told me how messed up things were in Colombia for lesbians, I couldn’t believe such a great country could have such a backwards view on gay rights.

But upon doing a bit of research I discovered that she was right. ¬†Below are some stories from the web that illustrate the sad state of affairs in Colombia –¬†But also give a bit of hope to all those Colombian women suffering in this backwards, male dominated society…

My journey: 30 years of LGBT and human rights activism in


These include some reflections specific to Lesbian women in Colombia. There is In Colombia, a country with serious human rights problems, there is a clear gap between official rhetoric and the legal framework and reality.

The human rights situation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals – Eldis


This report contends that in order to comply with clear international obligations, Colombia has recognised, with important jurisprudence, that lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgenders (LGBT) are individuals with full human rights and


Colombian court confirms equal rights for same-sex couples

Gay and lesbian couples in Colombia are entitled to the same rights as straight couples in common-law marriages, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday.

Colombian LGTB Community Recognizes Progress While Calling


colombian-mapColombian LGBT organizations recognized some legal advancement regarding equal rights, but noted that the progress was due to legal demands made by individuals, not a consequence of a public policy or a legislative action.

Colombian organizations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transvestite, transformer, trans and intersex persons (LGBTTTTI) recently disclosed a report submitted to the Colombian government regarding the state of LGBTTTTI rights in

Let’s just hope that things keep progressing in the right direction. I would like to be able to visit Colombian with my girlfriend and not get stared down by some macho Colombian dude.

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